Exploratory Innovation, Exploitative Innovation and Innovation Performance: The Moderating Role of Alliance Portfolio Partner Diversity

Mladenka Popadić, Danijel Pučko, Matej Černe


Although organisational ambidexterity as the ability of an organisation to simultaneously pursue both explorative and exploitative innovations has been highlighted as increasingly important for the sustained competitive advantage of firms, the empirical evidence on the effects of organisational ambidexterity on performance is still mixed. By using the Community Innovation Survey 2006 micro data for innovation from twelve countries, we proposed and found a positive moderating effect of alliance portfolio partner diversity on the relationship between exploration and exploitation innovation and a firm’s innovation performance. This study reveals that that the use of alliance portfolio partner diversity is beneficial to balance the contradictory pressures for explorative and exploitative innovations.

DOI: 10.15458/85451.26

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