Organizational Design and Organizational Learning: The Moderating Role of Innovative Behavior and Team Psychological Empowerment in the Case of an International Sustainable Mobility Provider

Sandra Penger, Barbara Grah


We have investigated how organizational design facilitates organizational learning in the age of digital economy at exploring the cross-level interplay. In this inductive case study of a sustainable mobility provider, we conducted a three-level coding procedure. We found evidence for two moderators — innovative behavior at the individual level and team psychological empowerment at the team level — to propose the conceptual model of their interplay with regard to predicting organizational learning. Based on these findings, we developed a conceptual model of the cross-level interplay between organizational design and the moderating role of innovative behavior and team psychological empowerment in stimulating organizational learning. Specifically, we found support for three facets of innovative behavior — idea generation, idea promotion, and idea implementation at the individual level. In addition, we identified four facets of team psychological empowerment at the team-level — team potency, team meaningfulness, team autonomy, and team impact — which act as moderating mechanisms in predicting organizational learning.

DOI: 10.15458/85451.78

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